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Green Lama. The Green Lama was created by “Richard Foster,” the pseudonym of Kendell Foster Crossen (Mortimer Death, Chin Kwang Kham, Necessary Smith), and appeared in fourteen stories in Double Detective, an eponymous radio show, and comic books from 1940 to 1949, beginning with “The Green Lama” (Double Detective, Apr. 1940). The Green Lama is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger. Jethro Dumont is an American who went to Tibet after World War One and spent several years there learning to be a lama. When he returns to the States he is shocked to discover that crime is a problem, and actually sees a murder being committed. This spurs Dumont to use his weapons and powers against evil in the guise of the Green Lama. Dumont is assisted by several people in his fight against crime, few of whom know his secret identity. These assistants range in class and type from ex-gangsters to society girls. First among Dumont’s assistants is the mysterious woman Magga, who is very knowledgeable in Tibetan Buddhism and is an expert hypnotist. The Lama has a number of weapons and abilities. He wears a long red kata (scarf) which he can use as a whip and a garrote. He knows all the pressure points on the human body, which enables him to paralyze or stun criminals at will. He can also mix "radioactive salts" into a solution which he drinks, enabling him to deliver "powerful electric shocks" by touch.

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