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Goodwin, Captain. Captain Goodwin was created by Johnston McCulley (The Avenging Twins, Bat (II), Black Star, Jim Bodney, Crimson Clown, Green Ghost, Richard Hughes, Man in Purple, Mongoose, Peter Noggins, Peanut Pete, Spider (I), Thubway Tham, Thunderbolt (I), Terry Trimble, Whirlwind, Zorro) and appeared in the story serial “When the World Stood Still” (All-Story, Aug-Dec 1909).

Five years after the war with Japan began, the United States is in a bad way. The Japanese, fiendish Yellow Perils that they are, have occupied and razed most of the western third of the country, and the middle third is a battlefield. But the Japanese seem to be willing to negotiate, and Captain Goodwin, Chief of Staff for the President, is sent to negotiate. Goodwin is against making peace with the Japanese and instead prefers to kill every Asian on Earth. When the President rejects Goodwin’s position, he declares that at dawn he will order an attack on the Japanese. The president is apparently powerless to prevent this, but Professor Selester, an acquaintance, has an idea: prevent the sun from rising, and Goodwin, who is apparently excruciatingly literal, will be foiled. Selester halts the earth’s rotation and Goodwin reforms.

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