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Gibson, Speed. Speed Gibson was created by Virginia Cooke and appeared in the radio show Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police (1937-1938).

Since he was a young child “Speed” Gibson lived with his uncle, Clint Barlow, who is a top agent for the very secretive International Secret Police. Gibson accompanies Barlow on a mission, mostly by accident, and proves so helpful that he ends up being inducted in the I.S.P. Together with comic sidekick Barney Dunlap (he of the exclamation "suffering whangdoodles!") and "apprentice air-hostess Ann Burton" they investigate and fight the Octopus, a ruthless criminal mastermind who has secret hideouts around the world. Gibson, Barlow, Dunlop and Burton fly around the world in the Flying China Clipper, from Tibet to Africa, uncovering the Octopus' bases wherever they went. In the 178th and last episode of the radio show they finally capture the Octopus.

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