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Gees. Gees was created by “Jack Mann,” the pseudonym of E. Charles Vivian (Inspector Byrne, Rex Coulson, Inspector Head, Victor Marshall), and appeared in eight novels from 1936 to 1941, beginning with Gees’ First Case.

Gregory George Gordon Green, better known as “Gees,” is a kind of Occult Detective, although in his first appearance he investigates ordinary criminals. Beginning with his second case, his opponents become increasingly strange: werewolves who are atavisms of an ancient race of humanoid creatures; the guardians of a lost city; two Femmes Fatale, one immortal and one cursed by evil gods; and a poison-wielding evil cultist. Gees is "a tall, youngish man, with exceptionally large feet and hands...he looked ungainly, at a first glance, by reason of those feet and hands, but a second glance would convince anyone that he was nothing of the sort. Clean-shaven, unpleasantly ugly...."

He begins as a private detective modeled on Philip Marlowe but becomes increasingly introspective, articulate, and somber as well as adept at dealing with magical cases. He is not a user of magic but is somewhat educated in how magic works, and when he has the materials handy can and will make use of them. Gees is intelligent and has taught himself more than a little about a wide range of subjects, including those that are magic-related. Between his knowledge, his skill as a detective, his guns (especially his Webley), and his contacts (he became well-known as a result of cracking his first case, and he uses this fame to help his clients) he is very efficient at solving crimes, even the ones in which magic is being used and magical beings are involved.

As the novels go by Gees has increasingly bad luck with women, losing the ones that he falls in love with either because they have different lives from him or because they die in the course of a case. He somehow overlooks the fact that his "omnicompetent" secretary, Eve Madeleine Brandon, has feelings for him.

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