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Garth. Garth was created by Steve Dowling and Gordon Boshell and appeared in the comic strip “Garth” in the Daily Mirror (1943-1997).

As a young child Garth is found in a coracle on the waters off the Shetland islands by an elderly couple. Garth grows up to become strong and brilliant. He becomes a Captain in the British Navy, but his boat is torpedoed and he loses his memory. He is washed ashore on the coast of Tibet [sic] and is found by Gala, a native girl who he later saves from a tyrant. Eventually Garth meets Professor Lumière, a scientist who psychoanalyzes Garth and restores his memories to him. Through Lumière Garth discovers his origins: he is the great-great-grandson of Space Exploration Commander Wolfen, an alien from Saturnis who fell in love with a human woman while surveying Earth.

Following this revelation Garth begins a series of trips in space and time. He falls in love with Astra, the last surviving Greek goddess, and fights a series of Mad Scientists, most memorably Madam Voss, who uses a device of her own creation to transfer brains between bodies.

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