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Gales & McGill. Gales & McGill were created by Frederick Nebel (Torchy Blane, Sgt. Brinkhaus, Jack Cardigan, Donny Donahue, Drifting Kid, Steve MacBride, Gwenn McKay, Corporal Tyson) and appeared in twenty-eight stories in Air Stories (U.S.) from 1927 to 1937, beginning with “Flyers of Fortune” (Air Stories (U.S.), Aug. 1927).

Bill Gales and Mike McGill are fortune hunters, adventurers, and mercenaries who travel around the world in search of fortune.

A wild, reckless pair, these two; one-time lieutenants in the American air force, when there'd been a war going on. More recently, trouble hunters and free lances of chance, with a penchant for getting mixed up in native rebellions, tong feuds and the laws of half a dozen countries...but they had nerve, brass-edged nerve, and a monumental disregard for civil authority or military demonstration.

They find gold in Rangoon, hire on with the Cantonese army to earn some money, search for jade in Bangkok, and fight Yellow Peril mandarins. They have a bad reputation on the Indo-China coast, “and the French out that way have a notably good memory.” They fly a sleek red monoplane with a "twelve-cylinder V-type Hispano motor." McGill is a "hard-boiled egg" with no tact, "a wild hombre who will haul off and pop a fellow on the slightest provocation" Gales isn't soft-boiled, but he "has tact. He can sock, too, but he has a level head and a lot of canny stuff inside it."

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