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Gale, Harley. Harley Gale was created by Ed Earl Repp (Bob Allison, Professor Brandon, John Hale, Captain Wollack, Yuma Bill) and appeared in “The Gland Superman” (Amazing Stories, Oct. 1938) and “The Deadly Paint of Harley Gale” (Amazing Stories, Apr. 1939).

Harley Gale is an Unlucky Inventor. He is a brilliant but impoverished scientist who discovers that “the secret of gland control lay in the Para Röntgen rays” applied to the “ductless glands.” Gale uses this knowledge first to grow a small alley cat to over two feet long, and then a chimp to over six feet tall, and then, to win a million dollars in contest money, a lightweight into a heavyweight. But the treatment turns the man, Wade Henry, into a murderer. Gale uses the treatment to cure Henry, and he becomes Gale’s assistant and aids him in creating a super-paint: “enough pigment to paint the Empire State Building can be made in a single test tube!” Unfortunately, this goes wrong as well, as Gale’s new pigment destroys any metal it touches.

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