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Galahad & Lancelot. Galahad & Lancelot were created by Willard E. Hawkins (Scoot & Windy) and appeared in seven stories in Western Trails in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “Sir Galahad of Gopher Valley” (Western Trails, Feb. 1929).

Galahad Simpson and his partner Lancelot Triggers are a pair of wandering cowboys. In the words of a doctor who analyzes them: “inhibitiveness and adhesiveness slightly suggested; combativeness exceedin’ly developed; alimentiveness also pronounced. Amativeness rather evident.” In Galahad’s own words, “Me and my pardner, Lance Triggers, makes it our misshun in life to sucker the misfortunate and help out them as needs a boost. Our middle monicker is chivaree.”

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