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Forbes, Bob. Bob Forbes was created by Homer Eon Flint (Philip Foster, Dr. Jason Kinney) and appeared in “The Planeteer” (All-Story, Mar. 9, 1918) and “The King of Conserve Island” (All-Story, Oct. 12, 1918).

In the 24th century the world is run by a socialist government, but overpopulation is a problem, as there are now 12 billion people living on Earth. Worse, two small planets have entered the solar system, one of which struck Saturn and turned it into a sun, around which Jupiter is beginning to orbit. Bob Forbes is an agronomist, and John Babcock is an inventor. Both are vying for the hand of the fair Ray, who decides that she will marry whichever one of them does the most to prevent world famine. Babcock uses his new invention, an advanced spaceship, to visit Mars, which is inhabited by an oppressive society, and then Jupiter, which is habitable. Forbes meanwhile refines the world’s agricultural practices.

Babcock dismisses Forbes’ work as only a temporary solution and proposes instead to use Babcock’s spaceship to shift the Earth into orbit around the new sun, so that humanity can colonize Jupiter. Unfortunately, the Martians, who also face food shortages, have much the same idea, and conflict ensues. Mars is eventually sent into the new sun, and Ray chooses Babcock. In the sequel Babcock fakes his own assassination, rebels against the government, kills Forbes, and a revolution breaks out across Earth and Jupiter.

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