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Fong Sai Yuk. According to Chinese folklore, Fang Shìyù, better known as Fong Sai Yuk, was one of the “Five Elders” who escaped the destruction of the Shaolin Monastery in 1732. He has appeared in a number of films in China and Hong Kong since 1928, beginning with Fang Shìyù Da Leitai, directed by the Chinese creator Ren Pengnian (Black Peony, Flying Tiger, Mistress of the Spear, Rural Swordsman, Sam-neung, Yi Zhimei).

The cinematic version of Fang Shìyù is portrayed as a Nuxia/Wuxia, highly skilled martial artist who fights corrupt Qing Dynasty authorities and evil martial artists, spreads the martial teachings of the Shaolin Monastery, and, depending on when a film is made, fights the British or analogues for communist China.

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