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Filipino Detective. The Filipino Detective was created by the Filipino author Sulpicio Osorio and appeared in “Sa Kinahitas-an sa Panganud” (Bag-ong Kusog, December 21, 1928-February 8, 1929), “Sa Kinahilad-man sa Dagat” (Bag-ong Kusog, December 21, 1931-February 26, 1932), and “Sa Kayutaan ni Kompusyo” (Bag-ong Kusog May 27-December 16, 19321932).

The Filipino Detective is a Great Detective modeled on Nick Carter (I). The Filipino Detective comes to the aid of a virtuous Filipino woman, Lumen, who is pursued from Manila to the United States to China by a wretched assortment of lechers, opium king-pins, and submarine hijackers.

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