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Female Spy. The Female Spy was created by the Polish author Andrzej Strug and appeared in Zolty Krzyz (1933), with the countries in Zolty Krzyz also appearing in Pieniadz (1921) and Miliardy (1937).

he Female Spy is a French film actress who begins spying on the Germans for the French Intelligence Service. The Spy’s more general problem is the iniquity of America and specifically Capital, which corrupts all that it touches–Strug’s novels are Socialist action/adventure–but her more immediate problem is Despaix, a German Mad Scientist who, despite being kindly and bearing no particular ill-will toward anyone, is patriotic enough to invent a lethal poison gas, the “Yellow Cross,” for Germany’s use in the upcoming war. Eventually Despaix changes his mind and becomes Germany’s enemy, and the Spy is shot by her own intelligence agency.

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