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Fascinax. Fascinax appeared in the French dime novel Fascinax #1-22 (1921); the magazine was reprinted in Italy in 1924 as Fascinax, L'Uomo Dagli Occhi Magnetici.

Fascinax is a Superhuman. Fascinax is “synonymous with dominating will, with sovereign goodness and superhuman abilities! Fascinax!… protector of the weak, avenger of the oppressed, terror of the swindlers and knaves!” Fascinax is George Leicester, an English doctor. While working in the Philippines Leicester discovers that the old yogi Nadir Kritchna has been executed for a crime he did not commit. Leicester revives Kritchna, and in gratitude Kritchna takes Leicester to a temple in the jungle and has him undergo a set of rituals which lend Leicester a small portion of Kritchna’s powers. These powers include the ability to see the future, to dominate other men with a look and to be alerted to imminent dangers via marks on the body. With his new powers, and with an array of technologically advanced items, including the fascine, a car that can change into an airplane, a seaplane which also operates as a submarine, and a deadly, silent "electrical gun,” Leicester becomes the crime-fighting Fascinax.

Fascinax's arch-enemy is the “superdemonic” Numa Pergyll, an enchanter, mesmerist, assassin, and a callous man of decadent, depraved tastes–it was Pergyll who engineered Nadir Kritchna’s execution. Fascinax also fights a variety of other evils, including the Queen of Sirens, a water-breathing female master criminal, Croquignolle, a murderous gnome, and a Martian invasion. At the end of the series Pergyll dies and Fascinax marries Hadaly, daughter of Leicester’s friend, the Rajah of Bhanat-Chindra, and the woman-in-danger through most of the series. Fascinax appears in stories with titles like "The Thumbless Mummy,” “The Flying Submarine,” and "The Message From Mars.”

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