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Fargo, Whizz. Whizz Fargo was created by George C. Henderson (Bullwhip Adams, Apache & Wagonwheel, Ranny McArthur, Vinegaroon Sherman, Tomahawk) and appeared in six stories in Wild West Weekly in 1936, beginning with “Whizz Fargo and the Black Sombreros” (Wild West Weekly, July 11, 1936).

Whizz Fargo is a two-gun wanderer, a “hard-ridin’, straight-shootin’ waddy” who has earned a reputation as a “whizzer” because of his “streak-lightning, quick-trigger moves.” Fortunately for all concerned, Fargo puts his abilities to good use on the side of right, and to defend his mine, the Scissorbill. Fargo is assisted by his friend “Hopdoodle” O’Day.

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