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El Fantasma. El Fantasma was created by the Spanish author Pedro Victor Debrigode Dugi (Black Pirate (V), Red Colt, Victor Vital) and appeared in El Fantasma #1-4 (1944-1945).

El Fantasma is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger. El Fantasma lives on the hidden Pacific island Shadow Island. He is actually the billionaire inventor Esde Campbell. His brother was killed by a Mad Scientist, so Esde vows to wipe out all crime. Some friends give him the costume, a white veil over a black costume, whose belt-buckle, once pressed, creates a bullet-proof magnetic barrier around him. He additionally has great superstrength. His arch-enemy is the Man With No Head, a headless man in a tuxedo who aspires to CONQUER THE WORLD! with his fleet of high-tech aircraft and with his blonde Gun Moll assassin, the Siberian Vera, whose mechanical arms have blades and electrocute those they touch.

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