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Fane, Pussy. Pussy Fane was created by Jane Littell and appeared in three stories in Underworld Romances in 1931 and 1932, beginning with “Party Girl” (Underworld Romances, Nov. 1931).

Pussy Fane is a Superhuman. Pussy Fane is a beautiful escort (“party girl”) for the Pauline Whiting Entertainment Agency, letting herself be used as arm candy by men who want a pretty girl by their side for an evening. And Fane is more than just pretty: she’s beautiful, with blonde hair and green eyes. But she’s a little screwed up, as well. She grew up in a circus, among the big cats, “and then, because someone said, within her hearing for the hundredth time that she wasn’t human, that she was more than half cat herself, that she even reeked with that acrid, pungent odor of the cats, she had walked from the circus without a penny or shred of baggage.”

She continues to fear that “the strong jungle odor of the cats would cling to her for life,” and regularly douses herself in the strongest perfume she knows. But the athleticism she learned in the circus, and the superhuman strength which she was born with–“any sudden need always found her possessed of the strength of twenty men”–help her in times of peril, as when a greasy gangster named Niccolo wants her to act as a decoy so that he can steal the diamonds from the man Fane has been hired to escort for the evening.

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