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Fade, Foster. Foster Fade was created by Lester Dent (Avenger (II), Curt Flagg, Gadget Man, Genius Jones, Lynn Lash, Lee Nace, Oscar Sail, Doc Savage, Ed Stone) and appeared in three stories in All Detective Magazine in 1934, beginning with “Hell in Boxes” (All Detective Magazine, Feb. 1934).

Foster Fade is the “Crime Spectacularist.” He is a private detective in the employ of the Planet, the “town’s yellowest tabloid.” Fade solves the crimes the Planet reports on in the most public fashion possible so as to better bring attention to the paper. (The local police hate that, and him). Fade never carries a gun, but has an array of gadgets which he uses. He has a habit of watching people who act unnaturally when they see him.

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