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Ell. Ell was created by the Russian author Aleksandr Beliayev (Dubel, Hoity-Toity, Icthyander, Kachinskiy, Professor Kern, Professor Wagner) and appeared in Borba v Efire (1928).

At some point in the distant future Europe, Asia, and Africa are a socialist technological utopia. The three continents are ruled by the Pan-European and Pan-Asiatic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, whose capital is the city of Radiopolis. The Republics are marvels of SCIENCE!, with such technological wonders as cellular telephones, powered winged jet packs, remote-controlled tanks, and x-ray binoculars with ranges in the thousands of miles. Unfortunately, the Republics are opposed by the vile U.S.A., which is ruled by a cabal of corrupt capitalists who have grown fat from the blood and toil of the workers, who have themselves regressed evolutionarily so that they are only capable of functioning at one particular spot in a production line.

Ell is a historian in the Republics, and is with the narrator, a Russian timeslipped from the modern era, as the Republic and the Americans clash, swapping death rays and energy shields, before the narrator awakens from this dream.

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