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Elektropolis. Elektropolis was created by the German author Otfrid von Hanstein (Wenzel Aporius) and appeared in Elektropolis. Die Stadt Der Technischen Wunder (1928).

A young German engineer, Fritz, is offered a no-questions-asked job which he accepts. He is flown to Australia and taken to a cavern full of technologically advanced equipment and inhabited by a man, Mr. Schmidt, who introduces himself as Fritz’s uncle. Mr. Schmidt had discovered pitchblende during a bird hunt and sold the radium he extracted from it, making himself rich. He used the money to buy a large area in the outback in which he plans to create a technologically advanced colony for Germans. Schmidt was a pupil of Wenzel Aporius and applies Aporius’ techniques to the land. Through those techniques, and SCIENCE!, the colony, Elektropolis, becomes a marvel of machinery, with desert transformed into functioning farmland.

The Australian government attempts to take over Elektropolis, but the colonists defend themselves with gamma ray guns and a force field which ignites anything that passes through it. Australia admits defeat and lets them be, and in five years the colony is fully functional.

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