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Dustin, Ted. Ted Dustin was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Alan Buell, Dragoman, Robert Grandon, Jan of the Jungle, Bart Leslie, Tam) and appeared in the story serial “Maza of the Moon” (Argosy, Dec. 21, 1929-Jan. 11, 1930).

Ted Dustin is a brilliant young inventor who has recently discovered the secret to atomic power. Unfortunately, he lacks the money to make his theories a reality, and the only way he can get that money is to win a contest that the American government is sponsoring: the first man who hits the moon with a projectile will win a million dollars. He succeeds in doing so, but due to bad weather he can’t prove it. A few days later the great cities of Europe and America are devastated by missile strikes, which are followed by a televised message from a Mongolian Yellow Peril. He is P’an-Ku, a native of the moon, and he wants to know why humans have destroyed one of his race’s cities. P’an-Ku’s forces attack Earth with cold rays and explosive missiles while also allying with a faction within China. But the rest of China rebels against the race traitors, and Dustin flies to the moon and meets and falls in love with Queen Maza of the white moon people. The white moon people kill the yellow moon people, and Dustin marries Maza.

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