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Dupont, Robert. Robert Dupont was created by John Grey and Arthur B. Reeve (Belle Boyd, Elaine Dodge, Constance Dunlap, Hidden Hand, Hooded Terror, Craig Kennedy) and appeared in the film serial The Mystery Mind (1920).

Robert Dupont is a Superhuman. Dupont has telepathy, “thought transference,” and superhuman hypnotism, all of which he needs to help defend his sweetheart, the heiress Violet Bronson, against the evil efforts of a gang of killers with names like the Phantom Face and the Mystery Mind. The gang is in search of the Lost Treasure of Atlantis, and has a murderous pet ape-man to do their bidding, but in the end Dupont gets the Treasure, which is in the Orinoco, and the gang and their murderous allies, the native priests Evil Eye and Carno, get justice.

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