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Dugan (II). Dugan (II) was created by Arthur O. Friel (Job Briggs, Lucio León, Roderick McKay, Pedro & Lourenço, Sixto Scott, Wallace Sparhawk) and appeared in six stories in Short Stories and Adventure (U.S.) in 1938 and 1939, beginning with “Drifter’s Luck” (Short Stories, Aug. 10 1938).

Dugan (II) is an adventurer and fortune-hunger on the plains south of Venezuela. Among other things, he rode with El Toro Loco’s gang on the llanos and later worked as a temporary bodyguard, but then he was double-crossed and forced to shoot his way out. “The tougher the spot, the harder he got, unless he knew he was up against the law—and even then he sometimes slipped.” He is a “big dark lad,” genial, a good shot, and friends with the lazy loafer Hart.

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