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Drury, Dynamite. Dynamite Drury was created by L. Patrick Greene (Tabu Dick, Sergeant Lancey, The Major, Commissioner Sykes, Trooper Useless) and appeared in nineteen short stories and three short story collections from 1926 to 1946, beginning with “Dynamite Drury–Policeman” (The Frontier, Sept. 1926).

Dynamite Drury is an Africa Hand. Thomas Drury is a British adventurer, known as “dynamite” for the suddenness of his strength. He has a lazy, innocuous appearance, red hair, and a mysterious past. It is known that he spent time in Texas, learning the skills of the saddle, before traveling to South Africa and joining the police there. He is a skilled rider and expert shot, and puts these skills to use in punishing native and white crime and criminals. He falls in love with and marries Mary, the daughter of his commanding officer.

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