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Dreadnought Boys. The Dreadnought Boys were created by “Captain Wilbur Lawton,” the pseudonym of John H. Goldfrap (Border Boys, Boy Aviators, Bungalow Boys, Motor Cycle Chums, Motor Rangers, Ocean Wireless Boys), and appeared in the six-book “Dreadnought Boys” series, beginning with The Dreadnought Boys on Battle Practice (1911) and concluding with The Dreadnought Boys in Home Waters (1914).

The Dreadnought Boys are Ned and Herc, a pair of American boys who through a combination of luck, patriotism, and hard work join the U.S. Navy. They learn about the Navy’s grand new ships, fight against pirates, rescue stranded travelers, and travel along the coast of South America, and enter the Navy’s Aero Service.

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