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Dragoman. The Dragoman was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Alan Buell, Ted Dustin, Robert Grandon, Jan of the Jungle, Bart Leslie, Tam) and appeared in seven stories in Oriental Stories and the Magic Carpet Magazine from 1930 to 1933, beginning with “The Man Who Limped” (Oriental Stories, Oct-Nov 1930); the stories were collected in The Man Who Limped and Other Stories (1946).

Hamed bin Ayyub, “the Dragoman” was formerly a druggist and perfumer in the Holy City, and as a young man he was quite handsome and a favorite with the ladies, both for his perfumes and for his charms. He led a vigorous and adventure-filled life. But then he had a love affair with the wrong woman and lost his fortune and part of his foot, and was crippled thereby, forcing him to become a storyteller and guide to the Holy City in exchange for baksheesh. Eventually, however, he marries the wealthy Layla and lives happily ever after.

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