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Dorry, Clive. Clive Dorry was created by A.M. Burrage (Captain Jack Bishop, Francis Chard, Panther Grayle, Derek Scarfe) and appeared in five stories in Lloyd’s Magazine in 1921, beginning with “Second in the Field” (Lloyd’s Magazine, Mar. 1921).

Clive Dorry is a Rootless Veteran. Captain Clive Dorry, M.C., is out of work after the war ends and has scarcely a penny to his name. Fortunately for Dorry, he encounters “Fewgin,” an ex-R.F.A. man and fence who arranges “stunts” to relieve “certain vampires who made money out of the war” from their wealth and valuables. Dorry likes the sound of that and takes to the life of a modern highwayman with eagerness, skill, and panache.

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