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Doowinkle, John. John Doowinkle was created by Harry Klingsberg and appeared in twenty-four stories in The Country Gentleman and The Saturday Evening Post from 1937 to 1959, beginning with “The Neptune Guess” (The Saturday Evening Post, June 26, 1937); several of the stories were collected in Doowinkle, D.A. (1940).

John Doowinkle is a young, bright Assistant District Attorney who convicts a wide variety of criminals in an unnamed city. He is friends with Lieutenant of Detectives Bill Stuart, is married to Martha, and is an astronomy enthusiast, something which earns him a great deal of ribbing from his colleagues. He is a “slight, shy man, with rimless glasses over bookish, rather stubborn eyes” who deceives juries and defense lawyers because of his appearance. He has an extensive knowledge of the law and of crime and criminals.

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