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Donovan, Rex. Rex Donovan was created by Thomson Burtis (Brad Allen, Rolph Burnham, Slim Evans, Russ Farrell, Stormy Lake, Rex Lee, Dumpy Scarth, Yankee Flier) and George F. Zimmer and appeared in seven stories in Battle Stories in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “Five Phantom Aces” (Battle Stories, Sept. 1929).

Rex “Tex” “Rexless” Donovan is a Texan aviator who flies a “two-seated DeHaviland” against the Germans during World War One. He’s hot-headed, with sparkling blue-gray eyes and a “bold, aquiline nose,” and his “idea of a perfect life was to get himself into one jam after another for the sheer delight of getting out of them again.” After some success in the war he is seconded to Goncourt, where he joins up with four of the leading Allied aces in the war, including Churchill, the cool, superior, infuriating ace of the Royal Flying Corps. The men form the Five Phantom Aces and punish the Germans.

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