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Don Muerte. Don Muerte was created by Harry F. Olmsted (Blant Cutting, Hoss Greer, Friar Robusto) and appeared in a number of stories in Star Western in 1937 and 1938, beginning with “Don Muerte–Gentleman of Death” (Star Western, Jan 1937).

On the western frontier of the United States, in the years after the American Civil War, Don Muerte is the son of an Irish adventurer. Don Muerte’s father was murdered by a group of powerful ranchers, so Don Muerte swore vengeance against the rangers, vowing to punish them and those like them “until the lot of the common man was made a matter of smiles instead of tears.” Toward this end, Don Muerte teaches the children of the poor “all the tricks of the knife, the pistol, and the saddle carbine.”

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