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Doctor Oméga. Doctor Oméga was created by the French author Arnould Galopin (Allan Dickson, Francis Dormeuil, Fifi, Francis, Jack & Francinet, Julot, Monsieur Paturel, George Edgar Pipe, Tenebras, Jean Tixier) and appeared in Le Docteur Oméga - Aventures Fantastiques de Trois Français dans la Planète Mars (1906).

Doctor Oméga is a Planetary Romance Hero. Oméga is an eccentric inventor and adventurer who creates “repulsite,” an antigravity element, and uses it to power an advanced spaceship, the Cosmos, of his own design. Oméga and his two companions, Denis Borel and Fred, travel to Mars in the Cosmos. They find that the Martian seas are full of phosphorescent fish and hostile mermen and that the Martian landscape is occupied by hostile dwarfs with long, tentacled arms. When the trio venture into the Red Valley they are met by a group of bat-men who fly with the help of artificial wings. Oméga et al. eventually meet a group of civilized Martians: the Macrocephales, a race of gnomes who are ruled by a King. The trio of humans help the Macrocephales in their war against their enemies, the Cacocytes. The Macrocephales help the humans to repair the Cosmos and then send three Macrocephales back to Earth with Oméga. However, the Macrocephales are unable to live on Earth and soon die.

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