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Doctor Coffin. Doctor Coffin was created by Perley Poore Sheehan (Abu, Captain Trouble, Kwa of the Jungle) and appeared in fifteen stories in Thrilling Detective in 1932 and 1933, beginning with “Doctor Coffin, The Living Dead Man” (Thrilling Detective, June 1932).

Doctor Coffin is a Costumed Avenger. Doctor Coffin is an undertaker and is the owner of the largest funeral parlor in Hollywood as well as a local cemetery. That is his profession, but he finds his side-job far more interesting. He keeps two homes–one a bungalow and one a villa–in the canyons in the Hollywood hills, and from these homes he fights against crimes. His real name is Del Manning, and years before he had been a movie star, the "man with five hundred faces." But he had been murdered by a gangster. Before the "murder" he amassed a fortune, but he began wanting to pass his fortune back to the public, and so he staged his own death and took on a new identity: Dr. Coffin, "the living dead man, eerie, mysterious." He holds a "Federal Commission of sorts" with the "Federal Secret Service" and works with Captain Hughes.

As “Dr. Coffin” Manning wears a long black cape, a black felt hat, and a face with a very prominent bone structure and blazing, deeply-set eyes. He is assisted in the fight against crime by a squat, long-armed hunchback named Shorty and by a great Dane.

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