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Dix, Constantine. Constantine Dix was created by “Barry Pain,” the pseudonym of Eric Odell (Dumphry, Arthur Lamb, Problem Club), and appeared in twelve stories from 1901 to 1905, beginning with “The Dead Man Wins” (Smart Set, 1901); the stories were collected in The Memoirs of Constantine Dix (1905).

Constantine Dix is a gentleman of leisure whose public persona is that of a reformer. The public Dix walks among the lower, criminal classes and preaches the virtues of goodness, diligence, and hard work, and goes out of his way to help criminals walk the straight and narrow, reform their ways, and become good citizens. The private Dix is a very successful thief, stealing whatever money is at hand–he is not greedy, seeing that as one of the downfalls of crooks–and using only his wiles and considerable intelligence to do so. Dix isn’t a hypocrite–he simply feels that his destiny is to preach goodness to other men and to help them reform and to steal things for himself.

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