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Disher. Disher was created by Will Scott (Lindy Browne, Giglamps, Jeremiah Jones, Dr. Kent) and appeared in a number of stories and three novels from 1925 to 1929, beginning with Disher-Detective.

Disher is an Armchair Detective. Disher is seen by critics as a possible source for Nero Wolfe, as both characters share certain characteristics. Disher is huge, both tall and fat, and is a brilliant detective who looks down on the policemen he comes in contact with, knowing that he is far more intelligent and knowledgeable than they are. ("It is the most boring thing in all the world, of course, but I am always right.") Disher is as inert as Wolfe, although Disher does leave his spacious apartment on occasion. Disher is as vain as Wolfe; Disher claims that he was born great, and that because he already knew everything, there was nothing left for him to do but become a detective. Despite his vanity Disher can be suave and amiable.

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