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Dion. Dion was created by John Swain and appeared in seven stories in Detective Story Magazine in 1922, beginning with “The Nest Egg” (Detective Story Magazine, Mar. 18, 1922).

Dion is a Lupin. He is a jewel thief who works in Europe. Once, he was a law-abiding citizen–a bookkeeper. But his boss framed him for a crime that the boss had committed. Dion's career is ruined. But one night at the movies he finds himself sitting behind the wife of his former boss. Around her neck is a sapphire necklace, and it takes only a moment of work with Dion’s deft hands to acquire the necklace. This starts his career in crime, and for a while he is very successful, living in swank hotels and quietly laughing at the ineffectual though earnest pursuit of old Inspector Callahan. Eventually Callahan tells Dion that he has made things too hot, and that if Dion does not leave the country the police will frame him. Dion, bearing no ill will to Callahan, goes to Paris, although he is penniless and speaks no French. After a number of punishing adventures he gains more money, helped by his knife-throwing companion Arizona Pete. Dion and Pete manage to defeat two rival crooks and escape to England.

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