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Diogenes. Diogenes (c. 400-325 B.C.E.) was the founder of Cynicism. In 1922 Ellis Parker Butler (Reverend Bryson Brace, Jabez Bunker, Grayson Greene, Philo Gubb, Shagbark Jones, Jane Sprood) wrote three stories in Detective Story Magazine, beginning with “The Haunted Policeman” (Detective Story Magazine, July 15, 1922).

When police detective Arthur Bull attempts to arrest the psychic and medium Madame Fatima Caro she responds by summoning up the ghost of Diogenes. He is unhappy to be summoned and is grouchy, irascible, and waspish. Diogenes reveals that Caro is a murderer, and she dies, leaving Diogenes stranded on Earth. He helps Bull solve two cases, glowing in the dark as he does, but hates Bull and eventually storms out of Bull’s office, never to return.

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