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Devlin, Preacher. Preacher Devlin was created by L.L. Foreman and appeared in forty-five stories in Western Aces and Western Story Magazine from 1934 to 1949, beginning with “Noose Fodder” (Western Aces, Dec. 1934).

Preacher Devlin is a “notorious lone-wolf gunmaster. They stared at the somber garb that had given this grim rider his name—the long, black, ministerial coat; the wide-brimmed black hat with the flat crown. They looked at his face—dark, hawklike, ruthless, Satanic…this was the Preacher. No other man could have eyes like those. They were the eyes of a devil—gray and opaque, cold and stonily blank, terrible in their sinister strangeness.” His “name was known from Montana to Old Mexico—that almost legendary figure of ‘The Preacher,’ the deadly gunfighter whose long-barreled, black guns, ever cloaked under the long black coat, meant certain death to those rash enough to cross his path, or clash with his will.” He smokes villainous black cigars and hires on to jobs to turn a profit as well as to be a good guy.

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