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Delmasso & Bray. Delmasso & Bray were created by William Le Queux (Raoul Becq, Villiers Beethom-Saunders, Robert Bleke, Count Bindo di Ferraris, Theodore Drost, John Durston, Beryl Gaselee, Claud Heathwaite, William Le Queux, Allan Maclean, Antoine Martin, Harry Nettlefield, Gerry Sant) and appeared in twelve stories which were collected in The Hotel X (1919).

Delmasso is the maître d’hôtel of the Hôtel X----, which is “famous the world over for its suppers, and is par excellence the resort of men and women of rank and fashion.” Bray is the hotel detective. Together, they are forced to deal with various crimes, including assassination attempts on a Malayan prince, the theft of a section of a technologically-advanced weapon, and an attempt by the Mafia to assassinate an Italian Baron.

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