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De Brutel, Dr. Dr. De Brutel was created by Albert E. Smith (Dick van Brunt) and Cleveland Moffett (Paul Coquenil, German Army) and appeared in the film serial Hidden Dangers (1920).

Dr. De Brutel is a Superhuman. De Brutel is a scientist and inventor who suffers from a mental disorder. In his ordinary, day-to-day life he is a respected citizen and scientist, but periodically his disorder flares up. When this occurs he loses all memory of his ordinary self, his face and body changes, and his mind and body become greater than human. He creates a SCIENCE! device: the “double X-Ray” which allows him to, among other things, fly, become invisible, and pass through solid objects. The disordered Dr. De Brutel is the head of the Black Circle, a depraved criminal organization.

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