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De Treville, Major Bernard. Bernard de Treville was created by “Sax Rohmer,” the pseudonym of Arthur Sarsfield Ward (Bimbâshi Barûk, Bazarada, Fu Manchu (I), Paul Harley, Red Kerry, Moris Klaw, Gaston Max, Captain O’Hagan, Abû Tabâh), and appeared in sixteen stories and story serials in This Week from 1937 to 1945, beginning with “The Black and White Bag” (This Week, Sept. 11, 1937).

Bernard de Treville is known as the "Crime Magnet" because wherever he goes strange and mysterious crimes occur, enough so that he himself muses that the crimes are somehow attracted to him. He is "witty, gallant, lovable" and a seeker after adventure.

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