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De Puyster, Reginald. Reginald de Puyster was created by Rufus King (Colin Starr, Lieutenant Valcour) and appeared in three stories in Flynn’s in 1925 and 1926, beginning with “The Man Who Didn’t Exist” (Flynn’s, July 11 1925).

Reginald de Puyster is a Fop. He is the son of Warring de Puyster, “the bearcat of Wall Street,” and inherited more than twenty million dollars from his father. De Puyster used that money to travel, to educate himself, and of course to dress well, for Reginald is a dandy who is always elegantly tailored. He also uses his fortune to solve crimes as an amateur detective. He has an unofficial connection with the O’Day Detective Agency, but usually works on his own. He is smart, articulate, and physically vigorous, all of which help him on various cases.

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