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De Montour. De Montour was created by Robert E. Howard (Pike Bearfield, El Borak, Conan, Steve Costigan, Breckenridge Elkins, Steve Harrison, Solomon Kane, Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Turlogh O’Brien, Kirby O’Donnell) and appeared in “In the Forest of Villefère” (Weird Tales, Aug. 1925) and “Wolfshead” (Weird Tales, Apr. 1926).

De Montour is a French wanderer and warrior, from Normandy, who kills a werewolf in the forest of Villefère. But in doing so the spirit of the werewolf, which is a demon which escaped being punished by King Solomon, possesses De Montour, and he is forced to flee from civilization. In the sequel De Montour is on the west coast of Africa where, after struggles with the natives, a brave deed frees him from the demon. De Montour is a “leanly built man of slightly more than medium height, dressed plainly, almost austerely, and he wore a sword almost as long as the Spaniard’s…refined, high-bred race…furrowed deep with lines that gave it a weary, haggard expression.”

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