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Dayland, Dr. Nancy. Dr. Nancy Dayland was created by Florence Mae Pettee (Digby Gresham, George F. Hopper, Beau Quicksilver) and appeared in five stories and story serials in Action Stories, Argosy All-Story, and Flynn’s in 1923 and 1924, beginning with “The Scarlet Spider” (Action Stories, Mar 1923).

Dr. Nancy Dayland is a physician and amateur investigator. As a detective she is efficient and renowned–she is “the famous woman criminal investigator. She has no less than a score of successful solutions to her credit within a year.” She has a “slight, arresting figure” and is attractive, intelligent, and composed. She takes on conspiracies, voodoo priests, and Yellow Perils like the Golden Scorpion order of assassins. She is Watsoned by her closest friend, the simple art student Drusilla Deming.

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