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Darena, Pietro. Pietro Darena was created by the French author Guillaume Livet (Miramar) and appeared in “Pietro Darena, Le Semeur De Morts” (Romans Mystérieux, 1913).

Pietro Darena is an Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist. The brilliant young scientist Pietro Darena has just demonstrated how to transplant a convict’s head on to a dog’s body, and have the head survive, when he is handed a telegram informing him that the woman he is in love with has been killed. This news drives Darena insane, and he begins killing people in a variety of ways, from forcing air into their bloodstream and lungs to inflicting diseases on them to poisoning them. Eugenics becomes an obsession, as does finding the perfect, undetectable poison. He covers his tracks well and is seen by the public as a philanthropist, and when various criminals and detectives discover what Darena has done, he succeeds in murdering them. Unfortunately, the murders begin to bother him, and he is ultimately confined to an insane asylum.

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