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Dane, Colwyn. Colwyn Dane was created by “Rupert Hall,” the pseudonym of Edward Reginald Home-Gall (Don Sabre, Victor Gaunt, Hawkeye (I), Mad Carew, Jim Mason (II), Rod Mason, Rough-Diamond Rudd, John Silent, Speed-Boat Trackers), and appeared in several hundred stories in the story papers Champion, Champion Annual, and Champion Library and one novel from 1928 to 1955, beginning with “Detective Slick’s First Scoop” (Champion, 1928).

Colwyn Dane is a Great Detective modeled on Sexton Blake. Dane’s flat and offices are on Benton Street in London. He is assisted by Slick Chester, a teenaged boy similar to Blake’s Tinker, and Tiger Gates, ex-crook and now Dane’s bat-man. Slick was originally the central character of the series, but Dane soon took his place as the lead. Dane is a less cerebral (if hardly unintelligent) version of Blake. Dane’s stories occasionally verge on the fantastic, and his enemies are often exotic Yellow Perils. His Lestrade is Detective-Inspector Woods.

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