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Dack, Captain. Captain Dack was created by “Peter Meriton,” the pseudonym of Alfred John Hunter (Sexton Blake, Dick Ferris), and appeared in a number of stories in Detective Weekly and the Sexton Blake Library and three novels from at least 1937 to at least 1953, possibly beginning with “The Prisoner of Lost Island” (Detective Weekly, June 1937).

Captain Dack is the captain of the tramp steamer Mary Ann Trinder. Dack is a crook, and makes most of his money through smuggling, but he isn’t a bad man, and when he encounters really evil people he forms alliances with Sexton Blake and other law enforcement figures to ensure that the villains get what’s coming to them. During World War Two Dack fights various German agents in Africa. Dack is exceptionally strong and very tough.

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