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Crane, Pete. Pete Crane was created by Fred MacIsaac (Dick Boswell, Fred Leonard, Rambler Murphy, King J. Nelson, Pagneomon, Bill Peepe) and appeared in the story serial “The Man of Gold” (Argosy, July 26-Aug 30, 1930).

Pete Crane and his best friend Nate Sturgis are stockbrokers who lose their jobs in the Crash. After a time they are hired by Simmons, a former missionary who tells them that the legend of El Dorado is true and that he wants the pair of them to accompany him, his wife, and his niece Anita to the secluded valley in which El Dorado still exists. They reach the valley of Semoira and the white Lost Race within, but discover that Simmons is a bad man, that Anita is the Princess Ta-ma-ra, and that Nate and Pete are expected to fight to the death to win the privilege of being Anita’s consort. The Semoirans are a bloody, controlling people who discourage both sex and love, and Anita discovers that she will not be the Semoirans’ ruler, but will only be a figurehead. After the usual adventures Simmons and the band of looters he guided into the valley are killed and Pete and Nate escape back to New York with Anita, a native woman for Nate, and a small fortune in precious stones.

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