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Coxheim, Professor. Professor Coxheim was created by Henry MacRae (Bob Evans, Kee-On-Ee, Jack Lloyd, Phantom Rider) and appeared in the film The Mysterious Contragrav (1915).

Professor Coxheim is a patriotic professor who invents "contragrav," an anti-gravity device which can be used to make planes fly farther and faster than ever before, and on nearly no fuel whatsoever. But "enemy agents" find out about contragrav and steal it from Coxheim. Coxheim's son and daughter recover it and fly away with it. They are pursued by the agents, but the daughter escapes by strapping the contragrav machinery to her body and flying away. The spies shoot down the plane, killing Coxheim's son, but Coxheim gains his revenge by capturing them all.

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