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Cosgrave & Lundgren. Cosgrave & Lundgren were created by H. Bedford-Jones (John Bradford, James Bronson, Denis Burke (I), Denis Burke (II), Burket & O’Neill, Peter J. Clancy, Dick Clews, Crawford, Riley Dillon, Colin Haig, Pinky Jenkins, Jungle Girl, Tertius March, Say-and-See Smith, John Solomon, Strato-Shooters, Hugh Tyrone) and appeared in nine stories in Blue Book Magazine in 1943 and 1944, beginning with “Counterclockwise” (Bue Book Magazine, Nov. 1943).

Cosgrave and Lundgren are a pair of scientists working for the U.S. government on board the Croesus, a government-equipped ship. While they are working on Experiment Nine Ninety-Nine, “trying to capture frequencies from they upper ether,” they discover the ability to look back into the past of in any place they geographically occupy: “actual sights and sounds of the past, like picking up old radio programs given years ago. We recapture and bring together scenes dispersed and broken up into their component frequencies.” They use this to listen to Mark Antony and Cleopatra, among others. Cosgrave “thin, eagle-faced,” and is absorbed in numbers and calculations to the exclusion of almost everything else. Lundgren is “slower, heavier, broader.”

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