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Corsair X. Corsair X appeared in the Spanish dime novel El Corsario X #1-20 (1929-1930), illustrated by Marc Farell (Isaak & Benjamin, Margaret, Pablo & Sidney, Red Circle, Sam, Titán (II), Toby, Mack Wan, Khun Zivan).

Corsair X is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger. She is a Spanish woman adventurer always seen wearing a domino mask under her traveling goggles. Her civilian i.d. is the glamorous millionaire Isabel Bielden. She uses her powerful vehicle, the X-Ray, to travel on the land, across the sea, and into the air, to Tibet, North America, the North Pole and imaginary European countries, fighting Native Americans, Hindus, knights with high-tech armor, and other high-tech vehicles. Fortunately, Corsair X can turn invisible, throw rays of power from her hands, and control machinery from a distance. She appears in stories with titles like “A Terrible Dilemma,” “The Emerald of the Buddha,” “An Exciting Hunt,” “A Terrible Apparatus,” “The Flash of Lightning,” and “The Invisible Ghost."

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