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Corday, Thibault. Thibault Corday was created by Theodore Roscoe (Scarlet & Bradshaw) and appeared in nineteen stories and story serials in Argosy from 1929 to 1939, beginning with “Creeron Cracks Wise” (Argosy, Feb. 9, 1929).

Thibault Corday is a Legionnaire Tall Tale Teller. He is an older, experienced veteran of the French Foreign Legion, the “Legionnaire veteran of an age that never said die,” who has been everywhere with the Legion and done everything. He is a voluble, good-humored (and ever so slightly cynical) tall tale-teller, but his tales seem to be at least partially true, and they indicate a wealth of experience under fire, from Asia to Africa. He has “a cinnamon beard that hadn’t been whitened by a dozen wars” and “twinkling blue eyes.”

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